Earned Marketing

Helping you to earn more marketing from the great work that you already do

What is Earned Marketing?

Earned Marketing is what you recieve as a result of your goods, services and owned marketing activities. It is the response to your business, that helps build trust and credibilty in both your business and products. These responses can and should be actively encouraged.

Earned Marketing comes in many forms including; Reviews, Backlinks, Interviews, Testimonials, Recommendations and Social Mentions.

By spending time improving and increasing your volume of earned marketing you will build trust, improve your SEO and show your expertise.

Earned Marketing Services

Media & Podcast Interviews

Interviews are one of the most powerful ways of communicating your messaging and showcasing your knowledge without directly selling. Our interview services will help you get more media placements and become a better interviewee.

Online Reviews

On-site (on your own website) and off-site (reviews on third-party sites) can have a powerful impact on your SEO, lead conversion. Our review services help you get more, and make the most of reviews to improve the sales potential of your goods and services.

Link Building & Backlinks

Our link building service works two fold. Firstly, by reclaiming lost links and linking existing refernces to your business. Secondly, by crearting new link opportunities on relevant news, local and industry publications (depending on your business type).

Social Mentions & Word of Mouth

To be recocognised as a business that does good work in your given field you need friends and allies to help recommend you. Our Social Mentions service will help you to earn more online mentions and become recognised as an industry leading or highly recommended business.

Personal Testimonials

Unlike online reviews, personal testimonials are about the people within the business, not the goods and services themselves. If you are a human-facing business then our testimonial sevices will help you get more of your deserved testominals.

Guest Blogging

Our guest blogging services will help to get you business mentioned in reputable online publications within your industry. Every single article is unique and provides a “follow” link back, using relevant anchor text.

Industries & Business Types We Often Work With

SEO for Ecommerce

ECommerce is one of the most fast-moving and competitive areas of SEO. There are multiple complexities and a wide-range of search terms and terminology used.

SEO for Ecommerce isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, it requires considerations over locations, meta-data, testimonials, images, videos and fresh content. It also requires a balance between information giving and persuasive writing.

At BMR Marketing we have worked with a wide-range of Ecommerce businesses to help them get their products and website ranking high in search engines

SEO for Local Trades

Local Trades and Local Businesses can be some of the biggest beneficaries of good SEO. Because they have the ability to rank for highly specialised, and localised terms.

This may include “Plumbers in Cardiff” as a city or town based search. Or even more focussed terms aimed at certain areas within towns or cities themselves.

SEO for local trades and businesses revolves around localised searches and trust building in the form of testimonials and reviews.

SEO for SaaS Businesses

SaaS (Software As A Service) businesses are some of the fastest growing across the world, and the ability to be found online is a key factor in being able to continue and deliver that growth.

SEO for SaaS can often be different from businesses in established markets, where SEO is not just a tool for finding the right business, but also for education, and being recognised as a market and software leader.

Our experience of working with SaaS businesses from start-up to established global means we can offer you highly effective SEO that will help your SaaS products get ranked and found online.

SEO for Legal & Law Firms

SEO for regulated industries such as law firms and insurance brokers can be complex, with the need to remain compliant with current regulations.

However, that doesn’t mean SEO is ineffective. In fact, when done well it can be even more so.

Because of the nature of regulated businesses there are a wide range of opportunites to rank for both local and national search terms. Our years of exerience working both for and with regulated companies means we are able to help you rank your products and services.

Owned & Earned Marketing - Example of Ben Earning Marketing

In this awesome podcast by Louise Brogan at SocialBeeni, Ben, Director of BMR Marketing talked all thing Owned Marketing and Earned Marketing.

Below are some of the key takeaways from this podcast, and what you will learn by listening to it.

The difference between Owned & Earned Marketing

What SEO means and what the acronyms stand for

How Owned Marketing helps you share your value

How to use Earned Marketing to prove the value of you and your company

How to tie Owned & Earned Marketing together to drive enquiries & sales

Why not? is free!

Ask about how you can earn more marketing

Common Earned Marketing questions

Depending on the specific Earned Marketing activity or activities undertaken we will adapt our way of working. However, some things are constant.

We will use a single communication tool to show you all of the work we are doing and ensure that you are aware of all the activities being done.

We will agree with you the scope of the work to ensure if customers need to be contacted, who will ask, and under what guise.

Everything will be transparent, logged and readily available.

Earned Marketing can be measured in a wide variety of ways, mostly dependant on the specific activity being carried out.

Earned Marketing itself is hard to quantify directly in terms of its impact on sales. However, in conjunction with Owned Marketing activities it can be.

Exact measurements are unique to each activity, but can include; numbers of interviews, Links from websites with a high Domain Authority, mentions and comments.

Earned Marketing works as soon as the first results come in. Whether it is obtaining and best using reviews, or gaining interview opportunities on podcasts or in the media, results can be seen quickly.

Our activities are designed around the goals you wish to achieve, and the results monitored are too based on the goals you have set.

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