About BMR Marketing

Who are BMR Marketing?

Founded in early 2020 by Ben M Roberts, BMR Marketing is a marketing company with a clear goal:

“To help businesses rank for search terms their customers are actually using.”

We do this using both owned marketing and earned marketing tactics. In essence, we help you improve the parts of SEO that you own and control (e.g. websites & content), whilst also helping you earn more marketing (e.g. reviews, testimonials & interviews).

For us, SEO isn’t just about creating more content, writing more blogs, or earning loads of backlinks. It is a process of weaving all these elements together.

Your owned marketing tells customers what you do, and how you can help them. Your earned marketing shows customers why they should choose you, and proves  your value, knowledge and skillset.

That is why BMR Marketing exists, to help businesses, like yours to improve their SEO through Owned and Earned Marketing.

Ben M Roberts

Ben M Roberts is the Director of BMR Marketing.

After near ten years in marketing, working mostly in-house and briefly agency side he set up the company in January 2020.

Over the years Ben has led and managed marketing teams in a range of companies across numerous industry types. From Ecommerce and SaaS to Insurance and Education.

Conference Speaker

Ben regularly speaks at conferences around the world about marketing; in particular Owned Marketing, Earned Marketing & The Interview Era.

You can find out more about Ben’s speaking here.

Published Author

In 2018 Ben published his first business book; Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority. The book has since been sold around the world, and is available on Amazon here.

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