SEO Using Owned & Earned Marketing


SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation is the active process that seeks to rank your website and pages within search engines. Our SEO services are designed to help you get found online for relevant search terms being used by your customers. The goal; to help you generate more sales through search.

Owned Marketing

Owned Marketing is everything that you create, and own. Your website, blog, videos and podcasts. Everything you put online that has the potential to rank. So, we will look at, evaluate and help you to make the most of the content and marketing you currently own, and will own.

Earned Marketing

Earned Marketing is what you recieve as a result of your owned marketing & content. This can come in the form of backlinks, reviews, interviews and recommendations. Our Earned Marketing services help you to improve your marketing, earn credibilty and win business.

Why BMR Marketing?

We are a specialised marketing company that focuses on SEO. However, unlike some, we are not just focused on writing blogs and earning a few links. Our belief runs wider.

We think that SEO and marketing in general needs to consider multiple angles in order to get the best return on investment. As such, we will not write blogs for the sake of it. Instead, we will look wider. Asking questions like: How will this rank? How can we give this content credibility? Is it giving viewers or readers a reason to buy or return to the website?

That is what we do differently, and how we can make SEO work for you.

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Website Design & Build

We can re-build, and enhance your website to ensure it ranks for the terms your customers are searching.

Landing Page Creation

Building specific landing pages for products, industries or locations your business operates in. This helps to drive highly relevant traffic and potential customers.

Backlink Services

The identification & application of backlinks through editorial contributions, interviews and online mentions.

Press & Media

Working with media outlets to get your name, face and services out there, and receive earned marketing. This comes in the form of podcasts, interviews and knowledge contributions.

Technical SEO

We will hlep you improve your website and digital presence with more than just words. We will help you to improve the technical, code-based aspects of your site to ensure it works, and loads quickly to improve rankings and visitor satisfaction.

Content Creation & Editing

We will either help you to create new content, or edit your existing content to ensure that it has the best possible opportunity to rank for the terms that will earn you highly revelant visitors.

Owned & Earned Marketing - Example of Ben Earning Marketing

In this awesome podcast by Louise Brogan at SocialBeeni, Ben, Director of BMR Marketing talked all thing Owned Marketing and Earned Marketing.

Below are some of the key takeaways from this podcast, and what you will learn by listening to it.

The difference between Owned & Earned Marketing

What SEO means and what the acronyms stand for

How Owned Marketing helps you share your value

How to use Earned Marketing to prove the value of you and your company

How to tie Owned & Earned Marketing together to drive enquiries & sales

Cybata Case Study

Cybata chose to work with us to help improve their SEO. Over the months that we have been working together we have greatly improved their website rankings and sales.

In this case study we highlight some of the work done, and some of the results obtained.

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